SIPL Textiles Private Limited, formerly known as "Saurer Embroidery Systems India Private Limited" was established as a Joint Venture Company with the Khanna Group of Companies and Saurer Embroidery Systems, Arbon Switzerland.

Saurer Embroidery Systems, Arbon Switzerland was then part of the Largest Textile Machine Manufacturer in the world Saurer Switzerland and was also the leading Machine Manufacturer for Schiffli Embroidery Machines in the World.

Saurer Switzerland’s market spread across the world from Europe, Asia, North America to South America and Africa.

In the year 1997 this Joint Venture Company was established in India for the Sale, Installation, Maintenance & Up Keep of these highly specialized and expensive machines in India and also catering to other regions in Asia as per requirement of Saurer Switzerland.

Inception 1997

The inception of the company Saurer Embroidery Systems India Private Limited happened in the year 1997, with the Objective to penetrate the Indian Schiffli Embroidery Market which was nascent in 1997.

For the same purpose the Company put up a showroom / display machine in Gurugram, Haryana called the 4040 High Performance Machine costing CHF 400,000 in today’s value roughly around Rs. 3,60,00,000/- plus installation, deployment and all other charges. This was a significant investment made in the Indian Market in the year 1997.

Creation of Manufacturing Division, Sales, Installation (1997-2023)

The Machine Manufacturing Business was and still is predominantly based in Switzerland with only Two Machine Suppliers in the World as was the case in the year 1997 and today only one machine manufacturer exists in the world.

The Swiss Embroidery or Schiffli Embroidery market in India since 1997 where only about 100 machines existed in the country today 2023 has grown to over 3500 machines.

SIPL Textiles has played a major role in creating, establishing and formulating this Industry over the last two and a half decades.

Our Sales Division has sold over 1600-1700 machines to esteemed customers like D Décor, Dicitex Furnishings, Alok Industries, Sahiba Textiles and many such Top Brands of the Textile Industry.

SIPL Textiles has been instrumental in creating and enabling clusters of New Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Amritsar, Vapi, Bangalore, Tripur, Coimbatore, Jaipur and many other major textile cities in India.

SIPL Textiles not only Sold these machines, we had a significant number of trained machine installers who deployed all these machines in various parts of India and also did significant installations in China, Indonesia, Thailand and Egypt.

SIPL Textiles also created a significant market for Spares parts and other services for the Schiffli Embroidery Industry of India.

SIPL Textiles was the sole agent of the Company in India till the year 2016, till the Swiss company was taken over by Chinese Management who decided to start their own office in India resulting in no agent for the Indian Market.

SIPL Textiles reach in the market was significant and was a highly trusted partner for all the manufacturers in India.

In the Year 2022, Saurer Embroidery Systems the manufacturer of the Machines was taken over by its competitor and only one brand of Machine exists in the world.