Manufacturing Division

SIPL Textiles started its manufacturing division in the year 1997 utilizing its 4040 High Performance Schiffli Machine at its existing showroom / display machine with a significant investment of CHF 400,000/- approximately Rs. 3,60,00,000/- as on present day value.

SIPL Manufacturing business was doing well utilizing the Display Machine but was insufficient to meet the orders and requirements of the Indian Domestic Market and the Garment Export Market of India. At the same time Saurer Switzerland had launched their new machine called the UNICA Machine, which SIPL thought was a great investment as it met dual purpose of meeting demand of the customers both in Manufacturing & Sales.

SIPL in the year 2001 added UNICA Pentamat Machine worth CHF 700,000/ approximately Rs. 5,60,00,000/- as on present day value.

This new investment made a great name for SIPL Textiles in both the local domestic market, export market and enabled showcasing of the latest technology.
SIPL in the year 2003 saw great potential in the Textile Industry due to the following below reasons:

  • Real Estate Boom led to creation of Mega Malls in India creating a revolution in the Garment & Suit Duppatta requirements thus creating significant demand for Embroidered Products.
  • Garment Exports especially Cotton Exports were significantly increasing from India and SIPL Textiles specializes in Cotton to Cotton Embroidery which is a product typically catered from India to the World.
  • Huge Technological changes in the world of Computer Sciences resulting in Machines to move from being Highly Mechanical to Serov Motor & Electronically Driven.
  • Experience of handling and Running Embroidery Factory.
  • Seeing the Demand Increase for the Machines in Surat and Pan India was also a huge indicator.

Seeing all the above factors SIPL Textiles decided to immediately add Latest Single Frame Four EPOCA 04 Machines running at the Speed of 400 Revolutions per Minute.

In the Year 2005, SIPL Textiles added its new factory in Haryana by making a total Investment of more than 12-15 Crores with the latest State of Art Single frame machines the future of Schiffli Embroidery Business of the world.

In the Year 2005-2007 SIPL significantly penetrated in the market with adding significant number of Garment Exporters, Local Distributors to its kitty of customers.

Seeing the above exponential growth in the Embroidery Industry and performance of these Machines SIPL Textiles immediately in the year 2007 made another significant investment in Six New EPOCA 05 Second Generation Machines which were even more sophisticated than the earlier ones running at a speed of 440 Revolutions Per Minute.

Here SIPL Textiles made another investment through internal accruals and bank funding of another 15-20 Crores thus having invested nearly Rs. 30 crores into Building, Embroidery Machines and Supporting Machinery.

SIPL continued to significantly add more sales and staff people and added more and more customers Pan India starting from New Delhiā€™s Garment Exporters, to Local Distributors, Market in Mumbai, Market in Bangalore and Surat.

SIPL in the Year 2010 Made another investment into EPOCA 06 Machine worth over Rs. 3 crores, this was the most sophisticated and probably still the most sophisticated machine in the Embroidery Industry running at a speed of 500 Revolutions Per Minute.

With over Rs. 30-35 Crores of Investment into Highly Sophisticated Embroidery Plant, SIPL over the years has been focusing on the following

Market Penetration, this has been the biggest focus for SIPL Textiles over the years SIPL today enjoys significant customer base with deep knowledge of all the significant embroidered fabric buyers in the following regions