Strengths of SIPL Textiles

  • Established in 1997, having 25 years of deep knowledge of the Industry.
  • Customer base and network well established.
  • Highly Cost Effective and Efficient Unit.
  • Huge Design Library having over 10,000 designs in the Database.
  • Deep Technical & Pricing Knowledge of the Product.
  • Staff and Workers have been consistent since inception thus great overall experience.
  • Locational Advantage as it is very close to its end customers.
  • Huge Capital Investment Required for putting up Embroidery Machines.
  • Same Project to deploy today will cost thrice as much.
  • Can Increase Production by outsourcing work from other factories.
  • Can Provide Huge Quantities in Short Period of Time in respect to competitors.
  • Fabric can only have two options for Ladies wear either Print or Embroidered.
  • Since only One Machine Manufacturer in the World now Machines have become significantly expensive.


  • There is a huge market for Fabric Exports in various West & North African Countries.
  • There is a huge market for Fabric Exports in various South American Countries.
  • Tremendous Opportunities in Retail Sector in India for Domestic Wear.
  • Tremendous Opportunities in High Value Manufacturing of Lingerie.
  • Tremendous Opportunities in Home Furnishing Markets in Eastern Europe & Russia.
  • Addition of More Machines and Newer Technologies.
  • There is enough land in the company to add more machinery at minimal cost.
  • Opportunities to take over small companies in Europe / Turkey and penetrate the market from there.
  • Opportunities to Open Offices in Europe/USA or South America for Fabric Exports.